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This video was made using performance footage from an online improvisational dance performance I did in May 2020, as part of the Metamorfosize concert project. The performance video was all done in one take, and later edited to enhance its storytelling capacity and viewing experience.


Due to this performance being done online (through Zoom), parts of the audio and video in the original footage were glitchy. I have deliberately kept these audio glitches instead of replacing the music with a perfect sample, to better reflect an authentic Zoom experience.

This was the first time I have combined video editing and dance performance in such a way, and it was a joy to create it :)

Music credits:

"Familiar" by Agnes Obel

"Master of Tides" by Lindsey Stirling

Improvised live set by Daniel Berkman

both sides of the lens

In late 2019, I began experimenting with spontaneous video composition involving dance improvisation, where I would record myself dancing using the selfie camera of my iPad, allowing me to see everything I do in real time. It allowed me to play several roles all at once - dancer, choreographer, director, designer - and allowed the performing artist and the visual artist in me to work together simultaneously.

This series of videos reflects the works I have done in this manner. Most are solo, with a few duets done with Adam Hruby, a near-stranger whom I met only less than an hour before we made these improvisational dance videos.

general video editing

I also do general video editing for various purposes, as a form of storytelling.