I sang a lot on a casual basis as I was growing up (in the car, in the shower), but never really performed much as a singer until I started becoming involved in Show Choir in Singapore around 2012 / 2013. Through Show Choir, I learned the art of auto-harmonisation, but I was never formally voice-trained aside from 2 short vocal lessons with a Speech Level Singing instructor. Singing is not my main art form, but these days I enjoy vocal improvisations, especially jamming with other musicians and vocalists.

I have also occasionally taught vocal lessons to young kids and teens, as well as arranged vocal parts for Show Choir performances. 

with the lyre

In March 2020, I stayed for one night with a friend in Los Angeles, who happened to have a variety of exotic musical instruments in his home, one of which was the lyre. The day I was going to leave L.A., I decided to experiment with it and spontaneously went live on Facebook singing while playing this unfamiliar instrument...which went surprisingly well! It's the first video in the series below.

A few weeks later, while on lockdown in Berkeley, California, a friend gave me the idea to purchase my own lyre, and I did! It was small enough to be portable (a very important consideration for a nomad) and I ended up tinkering with it and figuring out different songs on it. They're far from perfect, but well, we all start somewhere, no? :)

disney and musicals

As someone whose inner child never really went away, Disney and Musical songs always appealed to me. Below are some of my favourites :)

vocal improv and acapella

As the title suggests :)


Other singing videos that don't belong in the above categories :)