I believe that all gifts are meant to be shared, and that compensation does not only come in the form of money.

As such, all services below are offered based on an agreement uniquely tailored to each individual's financial situation and needs. 

That being said, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that I deem to be disrespectful, or whom I believe will not benefit from my service at this time.

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I have plenty of experience hosting Zoom events and supporting various virtual festivals in a technical capacity. Aside from my own events and festivals through the Metamorfosize Project, I have also provided technical support for online festivals such as EVOLVE Fest, Evolutionary Fest, Skydancing Tantra Immersion, and One World Tantra.


If you are in need of a Zoom wizard for your next event to support all your technical needs, look no further!

zoom event support

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event co-creator

I can help ensure that your pre-event production process is coordinated meticulously, that your event is executed professionally, and that your event attendees and co-creators have a smooth, enjoyable experience.

With experience and skills ranging from programming, production management, artist liaison, stage management, content creation, and more, I am accustomed to wearing many hats and I take pride in the high quality of work that I do across the board. Rest assured, your event will be in very safe hands :)

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dancing doodles

I offer live digital painting experiences with music accompaniment, branded "Dancing Doodles". The experience is akin to seeing lines and colors dancing across the screen, translating music into visual form.


As both a dancer and a visual artist, this art form allows me to combine the two in an experience that many have described to be transcendental and captivating to watch. The audience gets to choose or create the music that accompanies the painting, and many have found it incredibly special to watch a painting done to their favorite song!

You can choose to have Dancing Doodles as part of a larger event you are organizing, or as a private event for you and your loved ones. For the latter, you will receive the digital drawing directly in your inbox after the event :)

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creative consultation

Are you designing a performance piece? Creating a painting? Writing a book? Editing a film/video?

Do you need help devising your creation (whatever it is) such that it is more EFFECTIVE in communicating its intended message?​

I enjoy brainstorming ideas with people and helping them improve their work, by providing the "layperson" audience perspective, so that your work can be better understood, and be more relatable by a larger number of people.

You get a 1-hour FREE consultation to start with, and you can decide from there if you'd like us to work together :)

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Do you have a special event, birthday, or anniversary coming up, and would like to make a special custom gift for that special someone?

I love gifting and I enjoy creating personalised, meaningful gifts for people. I can help you create a painting, an ambigram, a video, or even a special performance designed specially for your gift recipient!

(Note: you can gift yourself too! We all deserve a good pampering every now and then ;) )

custom gift