Here, you can view the many different ways in which I create. This page serves as an overview of sorts, with just a few examples and highlights shown for each category. Each section links to a separate page where you can find more materials of that category.

Enjoy :)

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face and body art


digital art


paintings and drawings


textile art

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. : metamorphoses : .

A combination of live improvised performance and video editing. The performance video was all shot in one take, as part of an online Zoom concert, Metamorfosize. The entire video is created by me, except for the music.

Music credits:

"Familiar" by Agnes Obel

"Master of Tides" by Lindsey Stirling

Improvised live set by Daniel Berkman

both sides of the lens

Live improvisation and spontaneous composition, by recording with the selfie camera of my iPad. No video editing involved; the entire footage is done in one take.

general video editing

I also do general video editing for various purposes, especially as part of my community project, Metamorfosize. Below is an example of my video editing work for one of my choreographic works.

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fashion and costume

For University, I chose to major in Fashion Design and Textiles, with particular emphasis on Fashion Textiles. Below are some of the works I created during my university years (2011-2013). All garments were designed, constructed, embroidered, printed by me.


I enjoy designing ambigrams, which are essentially typographical design or artform that may be read not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, orientation. The ambigrams below are meant to be readable upright and upside down. Most of these were designed and given as presents.

graphic design

Below is a poster I designed for my 2019 Burning Man camp, Hookahdome. I have also designed program booklets, logos, and other graphic design materials using a mixture of Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

Hookahdome Offerings
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Founder, Artistic Director, Lead Coordinator, Community Leader, Production Manager, Website Designer and Manager, Video Content Creator, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer

Through this project, I bring artists together and facilitate international collaborations, organise online art events and transformational workshops, and manage the project's website and social media channels. It began in May 2020 and is still ongoing to the present day. The project's motto is:

"Birthing Butterflies, one Cocoon at a time."

hillsborough music festival



Project Coordinator, Artist Coordinator, Stage Manager, Graphic Designer

In mid-2019, I volunteered with Donnetta Johnson in New Jersey, USA, to assist in the organization and execution of Hillsborough Music Festival 2019, a platform for local artists to showcase their work, and to raise awareness on youth suicide prevention.