memories and dreams 2016

'Memories and Dreams' was a production by Singapore Creations, where youths aged 6-20 were given a platform to create art based on their personal experiences and the issues they deemed important. From Nov 2015 to Feb 2016, these youths, under the guidance and supervision of a few adult facilitators, devised theatre plays, composed music, and eventually performed this all-original production on stage.

As the Assistant Director, I helped the artistic director at the time in overseeing the various aspects of production (music, dance, writing, etc), managed the production schedule for the 50 youth participants involved, and served as the stage manager on the event day itself.

post-event reflections

This project was fulfilling in that it allowed me to serve in many different roles, and make good use of my wide variety of skills. I also found it highly satisfying to empower these youths to express themselves creatively, provide them with the space to create and connect, and guide them in delivering a high-quality, all-original production.

The fact that this was a non-profit initiative with no participation fee meant that youths across various socio-economic backgrounds could meet and work together, in ways that they typically wouldn't have the opportunity to do otherwise. This was eye-opening for a lot of these kids and teenagers, and the cross-pollination of cultures and backgrounds made for a rich, diverse source of inspiration.

Below are some photos taken after one of the shows, featuring the youths and facilitators involved.