the metamorfosize project

"Birthing butterflies, one Cocoon at a time."

The Metamorfosize Project was born in May 2020, during the early months of the COVID-19 lockdown. It started off with a virtual concert and a series of workshops themed "Metamorphoses", and has since grown into a "creative baby" of sorts, an avenue for me to share my diverse array of gifts and enable others to share theirs. It is presently an international community of artists and healers in which I serve as leader, artistic director, project manager, event organiser, graphic designer, video editor, and more.

Since its conception, I have organised numerous online events, workshops, interviews, and artistic collaborations, and worked with more than 40 international artists and healers across 6 continents. To this day, the community continues to grow, and our events continue to evolve as we learn new things and new technologies become available. It is my hope that the Metamorfosize Project will continue to be a platform for everyone to be the Gifts that they are, and for each Gift to meet those who are meant to receive them :)

This page is meant to be a space for me to present my personal perspectives with regards to the Metamorfosize Project. To check out past, current, and upcoming events that I am doing with Metamorfosize, check out the website here.

vision and mission

The primary mission of this project was, and still is:


"To assist in the collective transformation currently taking place worldwide, by healing our collective wounds and fears surrounding Change, Death, and the Unknown."


It is my personal belief and observation that our addiction to Stability, Security, and Certainty is at the root of our increasing disconnectedness from Source energy, which breeds unhappiness and depression. Healing this dysfunction is the underlying intention behind everything I do through the Metamorfosize Project, and I utilise all my various gifts (organising events, bringing people together, visual art and design skills, video-editing skills, communication skills, etc) to achieve that mission.

By encouraging a process-driven approach in a results-driven world, by embracing uncertainties rather than enforcing certainty where it cannot be enforced, by shedding light on the dark instead of keeping them hidden, I hope to assist others in letting go of their own cultural programming, and become Way-showers, Stewards, and Leaders in this New Earth we are all birthing. I envision this New Earth to be led by those who are at once a sage and a child, the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine; those who transcend dualities and integrate polarities, who comfortably embody their paradoxes and contradictions.

the inner child

To heal this dysfunctional relationship we have developed with Change, Death, and the Unknown, we need to reconnect with our inner Child, the part of us that was unafraid to take risks, curious about the world, and more attuned to that which gives us Joy.


We need to de-program ourselves from the conditioning of our environment, and return to that pure state of being that we all embody as children. We need to learn to quieten the mind, and to become a clearer conduit for Source energy, letting it flow through us without being second-guessed or doubted. 

With those intentions in mind, through the Metamorfosize Project, I organise collaborative, virtual immersive art events with a focus on improvisation and spontaneous co-creation, to encourage artists and audience members alike to create, play, and experiment. You can see a short example below: a snippet of one of our live open jams where all are invited to contribute in whatever way they choose.

taking risks

Unlike many other virtual concerts, which rely on high-quality pre-recorded materials to circumvent the risks that comes with doing performances live (i.e. unpredictable internet connection, low-quality video/audio, the risk of improvised performances turning out sloppy), I chose to embrace the risks, and prioritise process over perfection.


Unlike many other virtual concerts, which get live-streamed and can be re-watched at any time, we create experiences that require our audience members to be with us live, as they are part of the co-creative process. There are no replays; if you miss it, you miss it!


This process-led approach may mean slower growth, but it creates more lasting foundations that will serve us in the long run. In a world filled with instant gratifications and people accustomed to immediate results, I'd like to help us return to a more natural way of being, one characterised by patience, experimentation, and risk-taking.

shadow work

This project marked my very first time initiating a project of my own and manifesting my own vision, rather than helping someone else manifest theirs. It is also my first time being a leader of a community in an on-going project with no clearly-defined time limit, a significant departure from my usual freelancer lifestyle and project-based work experiences.


Needless to say, it has been a constant source of discomfort, challenges, and shadow work, and from time to time I would find myself resisting this change, but that resistance tells me I am moving in the right direction: the direction of growth. 

That sense of 'rightness' also comes from the simple observation that I could not have designed a more perfect 'job' for myself if I had tried. Yet, as it always unfolds when one flows in harmony with nature, the perfect 'job' (or in this case project) manifested itself in divine timing :)


 The project requires me to use my existing skills (organisational skills, visual arts and design skills, communication skills, etc) and learn new things (website design, social media marketing, leadership, finances, etc) in a way that keeps me stimulated and engaged. When I looked back at my past work experiences, it felt like every step along the way had been preparatory training for me to take on this role, and the opportunity only came when I was sufficiently ready for it.

Needless to say, it has been quite a learning curve, but its many challenges bring about just as many rewards, and while I sometimes find myself resistant to these challenges, I also recognise how much I have grown thanks to them :)