heart hope haiyan 2014

'Heart Hope Haiyan' was a charity concert organised to raise funds for the victims of typhoon Haiyan which hit the Philippines in 2013. I helped to organise this concert while I was working with the Singapore Show Choir Academy (SSCA), and I was excited to use this opportunity to bridge the gap between the dance and show choir communities in Singapore, while also fundraising for a good cause.

The production period was approximately from mid-Dec 2013 to late jan 2014. I handled the liaison with artists (many of whom were friends of mine) and formed a committee of volunteers to assist me in the concert preparations (ticketing, graphic design, etc). We had a total of 250 performers, a mixture of students and professional performers, some of whom have represented Singapore in international dance competitions.

While the concert was a success, it also marked the last time I worked with SSCA, whom I ended up splitting from due to artistic differences.

Below are some of the performance videos from the concert.

post-event reflections

This project marked the first time I organized an entire concert in a leadership role. The most fulfilling part of the project for me was the opportunity to provide these performers with a platform to do what they love for a good cause. Despite the disagreements that led to me leaving SSCA, it was a lot of fun putting this together, and I am deeply thankful to all the friends who helped make it happen.

Here are some photos from the event day, provided by VOUX Photography.