Aside from paintings and drawings, I also create visual materials for various purposes (posters, booklets, banners, etc) using a combination of Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Below are just a few examples of my creations under this category.

embracing the shadow - workshop series

In late Sept - early Oct 2020, I organised a series of online workshops revolving around the theme "Embracing the Shadow". Essentially I brought together various people who wanted to conduct a workshop, and I created visual promo materials for them and publicised them under the Metamorfosize Project, the community project I began in May 2020.


For each workshop, I created a square image (for Instagram) and a banner image (for Eventbrite and Facebook Events). The base images were provided by the workshop leaders, and I simply incorporated them into the standardised frame that I created. All of these were made on the Procreate app.

Below are the squares.

Below are the banner images.

burning man 2019: hookahdome

Below are some posters I designed for my Burning Man 2019 camp, Hookahdome.

hillsborough music festival 2019

Below is an electronic program booklet I created for Hillsborough Music Festival 2019, New Jersey, USA. More about my work in that project here.

technical fashion drawings

As part of my fashion studies, I had to create technical drawings for various purposes. Below are a few examples of these drawings.