My first foray into digital art began in 2016, when I spontaneously purchased a WACOM drawing tablet to volunteer in an eco-village in Australia as part of an animation project. As with almost everything else in my life, I simply learned by doing, with the occasional consultation of how-to videos when I am stumped with specific problems.

However, I only began producing works prolifically in digital art once I purchased an iPad in 2019 and downloaded the Procreate app. Its portability made it much easier for me to travel with, and around the same time I began a daily-drawing challenge, which led to hundreds of digital drawings made within just one year.


You can view the entire doodle journal here; it's still ongoing, though I no longer post daily, and I am thinking of incorporating music with my doodles.

Below, you can find selected examples of my digital artwork, some of which were made on the WACOM tablet with Adobe Photoshop, while the vast majority were made using the Procreate app on the iPad.


in color

black & white