dancing doodles

Since late 2020, I began offering Dancing Doodles as part of the virtual events I organize under the Metamorfosize Project. Sometimes it expresses itself as a "Performance", and other times it's both a Performance and a Gift.

For the former, I collaborate with a musician (or several) and do a live digital painting experience that is combined with a live music experience

For the latter, I invite audience members to take turns choosing a song that they like, and they then get to watch a digital painting come to life accompanied by their chosen song. The resulting digital painting is then sent to the person who chose the music for that particular painting.

Below is an example of a Dancing Doodles performance experience, done as part of SOULstice, a 52-hour virtual festival I organized with the Metamorfosize Project.

If you think Dancing Doodles would be a great addition to your own virtual event, or if you'd like to host a private Dancing Doodles experience for yourself and/or your loved one(s), feel free to get in touch with me using the contact form below :)