My journey into dance began when I was 14 - 15, as part of the cheerleading club in my middle school in Jakarta, Indonesia. For the next several years, through school dance clubs and open dance classes, I was exposed to hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary dance. In 2011, I began to work freelance in the commercial dance industry in Singapore, where I performed as part of various corporate events, dance competitions, and professional productions. More details on that can be found on my CV.

In 2019, a deep personal journey into Shadow Work led me to move away from commercial, choreographed dance and into improvisational dance performance, often in collaboration with other artists, especially musicians. This began in October 2019 in Denmark, after which I have performed in various events in Berlin, San Francisco, and online.

Nowadays my focus is much more on improvisational dance, and as such this page features only my work in improvisational dance.

on film

Improvisational dance appearances in music and dance videos.

on the streets

Improvisational dance performances on the streets.

on stage

Improvisational dance performances on stage.

both sides of the lens

In late 2019, I began experimenting with spontaneous video composition involving dance improvisation, where I would record myself dancing using the selfie camera of my iPad, allowing me to see everything I do in real time. It allowed me to play several roles all at once - dancer, choreographer, director, designer - and allowed the performing artist and the visual artist in me to work together simultaneously (essentially, on Both Sides of the Lens).

This series of videos reflects the works I have done in this manner. Most are solo, with a few duets done with Adam Hruby, a near-stranger whom I met only less than an hour before we made these improvisational dance videos.

"tree of life" series

This is a collaborative, multidisciplinary performance series based on the "Tree of Life" piano album, composed by Irakli Mamrikishvili (Georgia). This entire 14-part series was performed in one sitting with a short intermission in between, in a small bar in Kreuzberg, Berlin, as part of an arts event organized by the Wilder Garten artist collective.

Although the 4 of us met several times prior to the showcase to decide on the narrative / storyline we wanted to convey, the showcase itself was the very first time we actually tried doing the piece all together; we did not have any rehearsals or test runs beforehand.

The narrative we chose to express revolves around the concept of Twin Flames / Twin Souls, and eternal love. One soul that split into two beings who eventually found each other, who taught each other that Love is eternal, and that distance and separation are merely illusions.


Irakli Mamrikishvili - Composer and Pianist (Live)

Valencia Selestina - Dancer (Improvised)

Phoenix L'etre - Dancer (Improvised)

Kazik Pogoda - Visual Artist and Programmer