custom gifts

I enjoy creating unique, personalized Gifts for people, and would be happy to create something for you or your loved one(s) :)

You may choose any of the following:


A unique design involving selected word(s) or name(s) that can be read upright and upside down. See examples here.

Digital Drawing

A special custom drawing made to your chosen specifications. The drawing can be realistic, abstract, or somewhere in between. See examples here.

Private Dancing Doodles Show

A virtual live digital painting experience done to a music of your choosing. This could be a very special experience to gift to your loved one(s) (or even yourself!).

Video Presentation

I can help you put together a video presentation as a gift, using a combination of images and footages according to your needs. 

Gift Consultation

Maybe you're not sure what you should give to that special someone? I'd be happy to chat with you, ask you some questions, and help you narrow down some options or offer some ideas. I especially love designing and planning surprises!

If any of the above sounds exciting to you, feel free to use the Contact Form below to get in touch. Every new client gets 1-hour free consultation to start with :)