creative consultation

I perceive the world through the lens of Possibilities, and I very much enjoy problem-solving and developing Creative works with other people. My areas of expertise are as follows:


Project Management

Event Organization

Visual Arts and Design

Dance and Choreography

Performance Arts



I am good at helping people identify the key goals and intentions behind their work, and making sure the execution of the work is aligned with those goals and intentions. I am especially good at advising people on how their work is likely to be interpreted by a layperson (novice), which typically constitutes the majority.

Are you creating a dance piece / novel / video work / event / article with a specific idea / storyline / purpose, and you want to make sure that the intended message reaches your target audience?

Do you enjoy brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of another person, and want to take your work to the next level?

If yes, feel free to write to me through the Contact form below with your specific enquiries. Every new client gets 1-hour free consultation to start with :)