Hillsborough Music Festival 2019 


Project Coordinator, Artist Coordinator, Stage Manager, Graphic Designer

In mid-2019, I volunteered with Donnetta Johnson to assist her in the organization and execution of Hillsborough Music Festival 2019, which was, for the first time ever, done in conjunction with the Hillsborough Township's 4th of July celebrations. The festival has been held annually for the past decade, to serve as a platform for local artists to showcase their work, and to raise awareness on youth suicide prevention.

I met Donnetta and began helping her with this event just one month before the event day, which made it an extremely hectic month! I served in whatever capacity was required, which included liaising with event artists and vendors, coordinating pre-event preparations, designing the program booklet, event-day stage management, and event photography.

Donnetta and her partner Yuri have become great friends of mine, whom I would hope to meet again soon. The experience taught me a lot and was immensely rewarding. Donnetta has kindly written for me a testimonial regarding our time together, which you can find below.


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